In this project, l used a carnivorous plant. As you know, the Venus plant is a symbol of beauty, attractiveness, and seduction due to its appearance, but it has a predatory, cruel, and destructive inside, which is not unlike some of the achievements of humankind today.
Undoubtedly, social media have created many positive and negative transformations in people’s lifestyle, culture, and beliefs, and humans have tried to benefit from this virtual technology according to their necessities and circumstances.
In the meantime, what is very evident and has taken me to the analogy with the carnivorous plant is the creation of a false and unrealistic image of people’s daily lives using social media. It is a peculiar paradox that leaving it is complicated and sometimes impossible, like giving up an addiction. It’s like touching and inhaling a flower that suddenly swallows you, and you are condemned to be digested moment by moment inside the plant that captivated you.
A glamorous and attractive virtual world with an affair called hunting, passing from reality and struggling between the taste of truth and lies.