Circus of power

My mind is often preoccupied with why it is not possible to live in a world without war!
As a person who grew up in the Middle East, the smell of war has always been with me, and I have tasted the bitter taste of war since childhood. In general, the entire Middle East has been dealing with war consequences so badly.
Cake has been used as the main element in this photo; the cake has different layers with specific ideas of mine…..
On the lowest layer, the soldiers of the two opposing fronts are facing each other, with blank plaques on which the identity of anyone from anywhere in the world can be engraved. On the next layer, I wis one could tire bullets tilled with peace and science instead of gunpowder!
On the third layer, we see that the people who faced each other one day stand side by side now if power and money do not turn them into blacks and whites!
On the last layer, these seemingly victorious powers have fooled the world by holding entertaining and glorious celebrations!
And we know very well that being a winner in the form of a cake of power and politics is nothing more than a celebration of void and emptiness!
Why should governments and selfish people only seek their own interests and not fix these rough and desperate conditions?